and a WTF moment brought to you by web ads..

Alright, normally I don’t like to make fun of things on the internet, but this was just too good to pass by without comment.

I bring you.. shaadi matrimonial service…

a) boo on consistency..

b) sign me up to “date other toes” ?

Props for getting my attention though! Something’s working for them I guess.



Design Machine

Time to create a webpage for our graduating class! (AH! It’s so soon)

I am really excited to see where this project goes. It is going to stretch our knowledge of webpage design and hopefully we will all learn some new techniques!

Yay team 😀 JJJNAT.


Design Gangsta

Dianne, you made my day!!

Original Design Gangsta. — Hilarious!

This is so up my alley!! A bunch of my friends and I were in class one day, and Nikko (who is juuuuust about as gangsta as I — kidding!) just started rapping miscellaneous design terms. It evolved into a group rap lyric-writing phenomenon. I would post the lyrics, but I’m waiting to see if we are going to evolve them into something more elaborate than just the words..

I am so going to miss the inside jokes that we come up with you guys!!  (only 7.5 more weeks of classes – AH!)



This guy is extrememly talented in web design!! Love his ideas : )

Check out his portfolio HERE.


Possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen!


The best part is looking at how they made it here!


People have WAY too much time on their hands.



Human Interface!

I think this video is so clever and cute!! It’s a little long, but if you have time watch it!

Link is here if the picture doesn’t work.

SO cute his update is cute new little glasses! Aww.